TOPPER & DAVIS | Twickenham House, NC

LOVE is LOVE! We are so excited to share our latest same day edit. A destination wedding in North Carolina. We had such an amazing time traveling from New Jersey to North Carolina and working with the best Wedding Planner/Designer KasalNY Weddings & Events. It's all worth it! The Twickenham House which is on top of the mountains has a breathtaking view. Topper and Davis are so lovely and easy to work with. We can't say enough about how everything unfolded. Amidst sceneries only our dreams can paint.

We are proud to present to you the love of Kristopper and Davis ! Enjoy!

" I vow to make you happy to make you laugh and to always be there for you. You are my other half ,my best friend , my equal" ~Topper

" I take you to be my partner in life, to love and to hold through good times and bad, on this day I promise to walk hand in hand as equal "~ Davis