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About US
Ruth & Garry

photo credit : Octagon Photography

Sky Cinema Films is a husband and wife wedding cinematography team managed by editor and cinematographer Ruth Samson. 

Ruth has been in the wedding industry since 2006. She used to work from another studio but decided to venture on her own.

Since then, it has been an amazing journey. With her personal and hands-on approach on every event, she has produced memorable and unforgettable memories through her films.

Some of their notable works include the wedding coverage of the son of New York Yankee Hall Of Famer Mariano Rivera (see Allyssa and Mariano) and the wedding of Beth and Dan at the Rainbow Room which got featured in the Today Show and Love Stories TV.

Ruth has been praised for having an eye for detail, as well as her high perception into the way everyone’s wedding day will transform their love. She has a group of cinematographers which includes her husband who works on the company's flagship product called a Same Day Edit (SDE).

SDE is primarily your cinematic highlight video, edited on the day of your wedding and presented to all your guests at the reception.  

Sky Cinema Film's team of cinematographers are dedicated, creative, and passionate filmmakers who help her even if the client choose their non-SDE services.

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