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  • Why should I get a wedding video?
    We believe a wedding is a once in a lifetime event. Relieving the best moments of the day becomes possible through the power of our films. We can transport you back to the best parts of your wedding, where you will find the moments that made your day special. Everything from the intricacies of your ceremony, the faces who celebrated and cried for you, and the love expressed between you and your spouse are experiences you can revisit at any time. No price can cover the worth of such a brilliant experience, but we can capture the essence of that magic so it will never be forgotten, and so that you can share that same memories with others.
  • Why invest in a SAME DAY EDIT (SDE) video?
    Are you wondering why they rave about our SAME DAY EDIT? Well because you want to celebrate your special day in style and of course “wow” your guests! That’s also why you would want a SDE. ​ Our SAME DAY EDIT video option is an exciting service that is shot and edited on your wedding day and presented at the end of your reception. You’d be surprised at how much you, as the bride and groom, won’t remember either! And let’s face it, it’s much better than a 10 minute picture slideshow. Relieve your special day just hours later surrounded by the ones you love. Still skeptical? Watch Arjay and Ida react LIVE to their Same Day Edit shown at their reception.
  • Do I need more than 1 videographer to cover my wedding?
    The short answer is YES. Sky Cinema Films knows what it takes to create the best wedding video of your special day. Acquiring extra videographers is necessary even if your wedding is an intimate affair. Here’s how a second or even third videographer can help! * While the main videographer pays attention to the essential part of the day, the 2nd and 3rd videographers can spend time on more creative and sophisticated shots ,who also can execute more innovative scenes. This plays an important role in how your wedding film will look. * Imagine 'you' the beautiful bride walking down the isle and the second videographer captures the moment of the groom crying and the third camera captures the entire ceremony and reactions of the guest. What a beautiful shot, right? * A more cinematic and better result is created in each of the edited films when you have multi-camera coverage. More cameras also means a smaller chance that special moments will be missed and yielding more scenes. This increases the chances that those minor moments that makes your special day unique will be captured on film. * Two or three videographers effectively allows for more creativity. In addition, one videographer is dedicated to the bride and another to the groom to capture the getting ready part of the day without the need to run back and forth between rooms and probably miss an important moment. Getting ready shots will also create more powerful highlight edit, this is also great and add more dynamic when doing the same-day-edit video. * A second and even third videographer is a must! If you want that cinematic wedding film.
  • How long should I book a wedding videographer for?
    Most wedding videographers have specific packages that cover a combination of different sections of the wedding day. We highly recommend a minimum of at least 8 hours of coverage. The booking ultimately depends on how much of the day you want to have on video, and how much time each section of the day takes to film. We strongly suggest booking for the entirety of the wedding – this way, we have more footage instead of less. Think of it as an investment in what you would love to remember: the bride’s preparation, the bride and groom’s first dance together, the bouquet toss, or your guests saying goodbye at the end of the night. All of those moments and more could be in your film.
  • When do I receive the completed films?
    The main advantage of getting a Same Day Edit film is that you will receive and watch it on the day of your wedding. Depending on the time of the year, our Highlight film normally gets delivered within 4-8 weeks. For our Full Cinematic Edit films, the turn-around time is normally 3-6 months. We take pride of the films we produced and normally provide an option to our clients to supply a list of their preferred or favorite songs to use. Most of the time, we creatively choose the appropriate music to use on their edited video.
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